About Us

ZDX Energy at a glance

ZDX Energy Limited is a Nigerian owned company established in 2016 to provide products and services essential to Completion and Production operations in the Oil and Gas Sector. In the 2+ years of our existence, we have gained huge experiences that have allowed our business to expand tremendously. We have become experts at providing production solutions that span the entire lifecycle of oil and gas wells from exploration through development and production to abandonment. We are committed to quality and timely delivery with all our services to be sure our customers are on time with their projects. Our services are provided using innovative and environment friendly solutions that comply with all pertinent regulations and policies. Furthermore, we provide the best cost available of all our services that ensures our customers meet their project budgets. We have offices in Lagos and Port Harcourt run by experienced and competent workforce with proven track record in the industry. Our employees and in-class engineers are professionals dedicated to working on clients’ projects to get the best result possible.
We offer the following services to diverse clients in the oil & gas industry:

  • Completion and production optimization services
  • Operations & maintenance services
  • First class Asset Integrity Management and Asset Life Cycle solutions
  • Supply and after-sales support services


Our mission is to provide high quality services and value-added solutions to our customers


Our vision is to be a global leader in the provision of energy support services with exceptional value to our clients

Core Values

At ZDX Energy, we have five core values that guide everything we do. They are:

  • Service
  • Commitment
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness

Our vision is to be a global leader in the provision of energy support services with exceptional value to our clients

Technology Partners

We have National Oilwell Varco (NOV) as our major technology partner, giving us more flexibility in providing services that offer our customers the best solutions to their production needs. Through our partnership with NOV, our engineers receive OEM training and support that allow us to provide sales/supply services, installation and commissioning services, after-sales support services, troubleshooting services, and repair & major overhaul services for the following NOV product lines:

  • Artificial lifts including hydraulic rod pumps system
  • Progressing cavity pump systems & automation, closures (Yale & Sentry)
  • Pig launchers & receivers
  • LACT units
  • Production choke valves and a wide range of API 6D valves

To offer our customers a wider range of products, services and support, we have other partners and suppliers that supplement NOV.

Health Safety & Environment

The safety of our employees and all others who may be present at our operations is paramount and a core part of our culture. In line with our HSE policy and standards, we are responsible for the administration of corporate matters on occupational health and safety protection. We focus on individual well-being and provide our employees with the necessary training to prevent accidents both within and outside the workplace. We conduct all our activities with a high level of competence, apply engineering safety controls whenever possible, and maintain synergy in all aspects of our operations whilst ensuring a safe environment in the communities in which we work. In addition, we take proactive measures to prevent the occurrence of avoidable emergencies and incidents but where they do happen, we respond timely, learn from the incident and improve our readiness to achieve total loss control.

HSE Management System
The principles upon which we conduct our operations locally and globally are guided by our HSE Management System. Using our all-inclusive ZDX Energy incident reporting form, we have developed a strong culture for reporting HSE information.

Research & Development

We have continuously invested money and resources into research and development so as to grow our technological expertise, discover smarter ways to deliver quality completion and production optimization services and, ultimately, add value for our clients.

As part of our R&D efforts, ZDX Energy is currently looking to develop more efficient ways of treating wastewater for reuse and/or safe discharge. For example, we are exploring the use of membrane distillation as an alternative efficient technology for treating oil field produced water. The salinity of oilfield produced water often exceeds the osmotic pressure limits of state-of-the-art technologies like reverse osmosis. In addition, the current technologies for treating produced water are either energy intensive or simply cannot achieve the stringent environmental discharge/reuse limits. These limitations call for the development of alternative technologies for treating produced water.

We are locally and globally recognized to provide best in class solutions and expertise that focuses on the activities essential to oil and gas completion and production.